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Precision air conditioning units for a constant climate

With the CyberLab, STULZ is introducing a new precision climate unit that was developed specially for applications with a low or no heat load, though in which temperature and humidity need to be kept constant with precision. This product is a reliable and efficient hvac-solution for laboratories, archives and museums.

Sensitive stored goods
Sensitive stored goods
Designed for a constant climate in archives, warehouses, museums and laboratories
Zero heat load
Zero heat load
Designed for applications without heat load
Control accuracy
Control accuracy
Temperature and humidity are kept precisely constant
External humidifier
External humidifier
Central control of precision air conditioning unit and UltraSonic humidifier

Product Overview

At a glance

Most important benefits

  • The market’s first standardized unit for special applications of this kind
  • Satisfies the hygiene requirements of VDI 6022   
  • Precise control system

Most important features

  • Air-cooled version
  • Control accuracy: Temperature +/- 0.5 K – humidity +/- 3 %

Most important technical data

  • Cooling capacity total (kW): 20
  • Air conduction: Upflow
  • The market’s first standardized unit for special applications of this kind
  • Compact design for easier transport and installation
  • Satisfies the hygiene requirements of VDI 6022
  • Designed for continuous, no-downtime operation over many years
  • High-quality, perfectly harmonized components
  • Precise control system
  • Use of EC technology for maximum efficiency
  • Opportunity to get your hvac for labs and similar applications tested in our Test Center
  • Service available worldwide
  • Filter class M5
  • Refrigerant heater and proportional electric heater integrated within museum or laboratory cooling equipment
  • Activation of a "BNB" humidifier (ultrasonic humidifier) which has to be installed externally
  • Control accuracy: Temperature +/- 0.5 K – humidity +/- 3 %
  • EC compressor
Technical Data
Cooling capacity data (kW)20
Air conductionUpflow
RefrigerantR410A (GWP: 2,088)
Cooling System Air-cooled (A/AS)

All details about CyberLab

Hygiene requirements to VDI 6022

The CyberLab was designed to comply with the requirements of the VDI 6022 German hygiene regulations. The integrated window in the unit enables you to check the condition of the condensate tray and heat exchanger easily at any time, and so prevent the growth of bacteria within the air conditioner for labs or museums.

Humidification for laboratory coolers

For humidification, our STULZ UltraSonic BNB is connected externally and controlled by the CyberLab controller. These STULZ units are perfectly coordinated to guarantee optimum operation.

Learn more about our UltraSonic humidifier

EC compressor
  • Infinite compressor control for maximum efficiency and precise temperature regulation
  • Maximum efficiency, especially in partial load mode
  • Constant supply air temperature
  • Integrated compressor soft start
  • Long service life thanks to continuous operation without compressor on/off cycles

Control and monitoring
  • C7000 controller for controlling and monitoring the air conditioning system
  • Precise control of temperature and humidity
  • Modbus preinstalled


Thanks to the numerous options and equipment versions available, you can perfectly adapt CyberLab units to your particular requirements.

  • External ultrasonic humidifier "UltraSonic BNB"
  • F7 filter
  • Air duct connection
  • Connection to building management system

Cooling System

AS system: Air-cooled system

The refrigerant circuit of the air conditioning module consists of an evaporator, an expansion valve, an EC compressor and an external air-cooled condenser. Conveyed by a fan, the room air flows through the evaporator, where heat is extracted from it and transferred to the refrigerant. The air conditioning unit and external condenser are connected to one another by a closed refrigerant circuit.

Service and maintenance

As a company with locations across the globe, we offer everything you need in the extremely dynamic world of information technology - plus professional advice in the right place at the right time.

Our trained and experienced sales and service partners are located in over 140 countries. The resulting proximity to our customers allows fast response times. In addition, regular training courses and an active exchange of information ensure high quality and an extensive knowledge of all our products. This way, you can be sure your products are in the best hands and get the right maintenance – all over the world.

Locations worldwide


STULZ Service
STULZ Service
Test Center

In our state-of-the-art, 700-square-meter Test Center with its various climate chambers, we can perform a variety of tests on precision air conditioning units and chillers. During the development of the CyberLab, we were able to test and optimize it under all climatic conditions encountered around the world.

In addition, we offer you the opportunity to book a witness test in our Test Center. This allows you to have the desired air conditioning system tested according to your exact specifications, creating transparency and providing you with information about your system’s performance and energy consumption.

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