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More than just "advertising"

Marketing is a department that you especially look forward to during your apprenticeship. There you come across exciting and fascinating projects and the work is very diverse.

Many people associate Marketing purely with advertising, and this is a misconception. Rather, its mission is to lend the company a corporate identity that extends from its products to external and internal communications. To do this, it must continuously keep an eye on the market and the competition, and ensure that the STULZ brand is kept constantly up-to-date in the minds of potential and existing customers. It does this on the internet – on the website and social media, for instance – and through PR work. It is pursuing a permanent and ongoing objective.

Unlike in other departments, here nearly everyone does something different and is an expert in their field – there is hardly any overlap. And precisely because of this, continual communication and keeping each other up to speed are especially important. I have rarely seen as much internal communication as in Marketing.

The Monday meetings, lasting roughly an hour, are key to this exchange. Here, everyone reports on what they are currently working on and how projects are progressing. I was also able to attend these meetings, which doesn't go without saying for an apprentice, but it enabled me to understand better how the various strands of the department are interconnected.

Marketing colleagues also often get together outside the Monday meetings to exchange information and gain a bit of advice now and then. Although everyone is always extremely busy, they are always ready to lend an ear to other colleagues.

I was also entrusted with projects for which I alone was responsible.

One of these involved making an Advent calendar, which was then projected onto the large factory building as a PowerPoint presentation, and was hopefully enjoyed by colleagues. Contrary to my expectations, gathering ideas to ensure a good input was easy, and it was the design that took more work. I did of course receive support with this project. Our Group Leader for Communications helped me with planning and contributed ideas for the content. For its design, I approached our graphic designer, explained my ideas and he then made these a visual reality.

Aside from this project, I was always being given smaller jobs to do from the various areas of Marketing, which also helped me to better comprehend the operational running of the department.

At any rate, Marketing is a department the importance of which cannot be underestimated, where a working day flies by and you can learn a great deal.


About the author

About the author

Lisa Jäckel started her apprenticeship for industrial management assistant at STULZ in 2014. Now in the third year of her apprenticeship, she has worked in various departments. In the end of 2016 she was assigned to the Marketing Department.

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